Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science Tutor

With nearly 4 years of experience tutoring, Harrison is a very competent tutor and is currently studying towards an MSci in Mathematics from Imperial College London. He achieved 4 A*s and 2 As at A-Level and is currently on track to achieve a first-class at Imperial College.

His method of tutoring primarily relies on learning by doing. He believes that the best way to gain the understanding really needed to succeed in a subject is by approaching problems from many different angles and working your way through them accurately. Once the basic understanding is there he focuses on building a student’s confidence in approaching these problems by giving them unusual and differently worded questions to ensure they are really prepared to go into that exam room and get top grades.

The first part of his sessions always involves working through a few problems in the area the student has requested help in. This enables him to find their weak points and work through them with more similar problems, as well as detailed lessons in those areas if required.